“Green Vase” is the example of the innovative idea that takes shape.

The fulfillment of a new project starts off by a careful market and costs analysis. Our customers are supported in every stage of project development. To the research of a real benefit for end user, to the definition of the advantage over competitors, to the research of patents and pending applicable, we’ll take care.

Next step is to shape the idea through a modern design that guarantees functionality and usability of the product. Best care in the research of the detail that makes the difference and attention to aesthetics surfaces and colors. Use of latest generation materials, safe and reliable over time.

Prodotto plastico innovativo Green Vase To be one step ahead respect to the future of the product, we carry out also engineering design and Cad modelling, simulations and lab testing.

The experience learnt during these years of presence on the market allows us to select and to plan the outer suppliers’ chain and to manage logistic at best.

At this stage the idea has taken its most beautiful shape, it is ready for mass-production kick-off and to satisfy fully the needs of the customers.

We have already done all that with “Green Vase” and we are ready to do it again for our customers. Because behind a successful product there is the design, technology and reliability of GruppoRosati.

Green Vase, analisi del mercato dei prodotti
Market and product analysis
  • Summary history of the products and market
  • Current market overview
  • Segmentation and cost analysis

Definizione del nuovo prodotto Green Vase
Definitions of a Winner product
  • Research of a clear benefit perceivable by the final users
  • Advantage over competitors defined, stable and measurable
  • Research of Patent registered and pending applicable

Sviluppo del design industriale del prodotto Green Vase
Industrial design development
  • Concept design research
  • Definition of functionality and usability product
  • Esthetic development, surface, color, and materials

Progettazione, sperimentazione ed industrializzazione del prodotto Green Vase
Engineering design and testing
  • Cad modelling and simulations
  • Prototypes and lab testing
  • Supplier and logistic chain plans
  • Ready for Mass production kick-off