strong point

Our strong point is due to two flexible companies having a direct contact for information's exchange, trained and motivated team, technologically advanced machine park. This allowed us to grow and to be in the forefront, ready to deal with an always more hard to please and competitive market.


We want to give to our customers an “all inclusive” product, so we have added the new area dedicated to the market research and product development. Our team develops ideas to 360° through market and feasibility analysis, product concepts study and follows all mechanical engineering part, 3D modeling, simulations and tests. Product supplied to 100% with a single contact point for our customers: goal achieved!


The synergy created over the years of cooperation among Amalplast and Officina Rosati allows them to manage at best and quickly the orders of the customers. Amalplast, thanks to the direct contact with Officina Rosati, has the way to follow the development of a product from first steps of the planning up to the despatch to final customer. Amalplast supports the customer during all the stages of the project. This way of working allows greatest flexibility and speed; it is the added value which find confirmation into the quality of the products. Officina Meccanica L. Rosati is always present during mold’s test steps and his technical share is the basic for the fulfillment of products which denote the needs of the customer.


Continuous cooperation with long standing customers and the acquisition of new ones, leaders in their branches, has led Amalplast to certify his quality’s management system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 norms.


Our current branches range over electronics, mechanical engineering, lighting, automotive, large-scale retail trade, promotional articles to food field.

Officina Meccanica L. Rosati

Officina Meccanica L. Rosati

Since 1973 we design and manufacture molds.
All along our target is to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers. We do this through the production of efficient and high quality molds together with delivery schedules which please different demands. We use only certified raw materials, we continually update our staff, we cooperate with our suppliers and we avail ourselves of latest technologies for all type of processing.

Our internal organization allows us to follow step by step the mold, starting from the design up to final functional tests on the molding press. Actually our machine park includes no. 6 CNC milling machines with last generation software technologies that are able to guarantee flexibility and great productive schedules together with traditional milling machines, electrical and wire discharge machines, lathes, grinding machines and drills.
Added value for our customers is the possibility to carry out maintenance and change reworks on molds.
We are aware that to cooperate with Amalplast allows us to reach a common target: the satisfaction of our customer into a demanding and competitive market.



Since 1990 we produce articles by injection molding of thermoplastic materials. We run to support our customers from first steps of project development and production of molds, together with Officina Meccanica L. Rosati, up to the production of finished and tested plastic item.

Actually our machine park includes no. 13 Negri Bossi molding machines with clamp force for 55 ton up to 480 ton; they are automated with the assistance of robots and the production time is organized in a continuous cycle of 3 shifts. Our production plan allows us outstanding flexibility so we are able to guarantee fast delivery time with high quality and ability to adapt ourselves to continual changes of the market. For the production of your articles we employ technically trained keep-up and motivated staff together with a state-of-the-art machine park. Our suppliers are synergic partners in the choice and selection of standard and innovative raw materials. We interface with them constantly and we found together best technical solutions for your products.
Furthermore, to better satisfy different demands of our customers, we internally carry out complementary services like pad printing, assembly and ultrasonic welding.